11 de septiembre de 2010


Here I am, here I stand, I took a picture of my hand
Bet you can tell its not manicured
Here I am, half a man, I'm not a doctor, I'm not tan
And I never helped the score
I drive too fast
The team picked me last
I break the rules and like it
My body curves
I forget the words
I missed the serve and lost it

All my flawz to see.
But you still love,
Love me.

Here I am face down, sometimes I smile or frown
But it depends on the time of the day
Here I go off the road, I spend cash on my clothes
When I still have bills to pay
My skin isn't clear
Haven't spoke in a year
Cuz I still have fear I'm tryin' to overcome
My truths aren't right
My jeans are too tight
When I pick a fight I turn to run

All my flawz to see.
But you still love,
Love me.

You still love me
Even when I sin
I don't fit in
Cuz I've been burned
When I waited my turn
Don't act my age
I Don't want to
Call it a phase,
Call me taboo
Won't do as I'm told to believe
I wear my heart on my sleeve


Flawz es una canción de la cantautora americana Caitlin Crosby que entra en la dinámica de aceptar nuestras propias imperfecciones, ya que son lo que nos hace únicos y diferentes. Para grabar el vídeo pidió a sus fans que le enviasen fotos en las que ensalzaran sus defectos.

Es cierto que hay días que nos da todo igual, pero otros se nos hacen más cuesta arriba. Y es en esos días en ls que la piel grasa, los granitos, las arrugas, los michelines, la celulitis, la calvicie, la barriguita cervecera, etc., nos borran un poco la sonrisa.

Propongo por tanto ensalzar nuestras imperfecciones. Y para muestra un botón:

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